New Covenant House of Hospitality
Stamford, Connecticut

There is no greater act of human kindness than to feed the hungry.

Executive Director Jon Gutma and Board President Paul Harinstein take guests on a tour of the NEW Food Pantry at the new NCH.

For nearly four decades, Jim Duffy, a grandfatherly volunteer, has stocked shelves, made sandwiches and ladled soup for the hungry guests of the New Covenant House (NCH) soup kitchen and food pantry in Stamford, Ct, and a program of Catholic Charities of Fairfield County. On a July evening, Duffy welcomed prospective donors and volunteers to […]

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The NCH Capital Campaign stands at 79% of the $1.7mm goal and we are now in our new facility. But we need to complete our Capital Campaign to make all our programs a reality.  Generous donors are ready to match your donation on a dollar to dollar basis, up to $100,000.  With your help, we […]

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Read all about the NEW New Covenant House in this article from The Stamford Daily Voice.

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